Amazing work—as we have come to expect from National Geographic and readers of the magazine/website.


National Geographic is famed for stunning photography, but its readers are no slouches. The picture up top — in which Shikhei Goh captured a dragonfly in Indonesia just as a rainstorm began — won the magazine’s 2011 photo contest. Here are some of our favorite photos from the contest.




The Dream-Over Returns!

Saturday, October 22 at 8:00pm
The Rubin Museum, New York, NY

The Dream-Over, the Rubin Museum’s sleep-over for grown-ups, returns after its sold-out debut! Make the Rubin Museum the place of your dreams. Come in your bedsocks and pajamas and sleep over at the Rubin Museum beneath a work of art selected just for you. Dream under the compassionate and wakeful gaze of a hundred buddhas.

• Art meditation workshop
• Tibetan Dream Yoga discussion
• Himalayan bedtime stories
• Lullabies
• Dream analysis
• Midnight snack & light Tibetan breakfast

Under the guidance of Lama Lhanang Rinpoche and clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. William H. Braun.

“I have never felt so intimate with a piece of art in my life.” – Dreamer

TICKETS ON SALE OCTOBER 4, 2011 $108 / $97.20 Members


Please visit for the fastest and most efficient access to information and registration. 

Alternatively, call our box office at 917-254-7859

Photo Credit: Aaron Colussi for FlavorPill

Field trip!