pontifications-of-a-ginger-cat asked:

I'm planning a three week trip through Paris, Italy, and Spain in mid March. I was wondering what the easiest, most cost effective way would be for me to travel from place to place.

My personal preference is traveling by train. It can get expensive if you purchase day-of-travel tickets at the train station, but you can find some great online deals if you purchase several weeks in advance. Low-cost airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair have become more popular in recent years, but I find that the hassle of getting to out-of-the-way airports, paying unforeseen fees and going through crummy budget terminal airport security sucks all the fun out of travel. Plus, you can’t beat the experience of gazing out on regions like Tuscany and Provence while sipping on a cafe au lait in the dining car. You just can’t.

- Jessica Marati, Gadling blogger and social media editor